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The virtual home of FERRET London's Premier Detecting Consultant
The virtual home of FERRETLondon's Premier Detecting Consultant

Case #1

The first case I solved in recent memory was that of the Devil Dog of West London.  Well, it was Bob - my father’s ex-handyman turned computer engineer – who solved it really.  I wasn’t feeling myself at the time.  Needless to say, Gurp! as we named the hairy urchin, is still out there, patrolling the tunnels of Chiswick-based Erin Breweries.  If you’re ever enjoying a cheeky pint of real ale in that part of town , don’t leave it unguarded while you nip off for a ciggy or to answer the call of nature, because there’s a good chance that Gurp! will have it away before you return.



Case #2

My second case was that of the Missing Ideas.  I don’t wish to spoil the story, so my lips are zipped.  You’ll have to purchase the Ferret Files if you want to know how it turns out.



Case #3

Case number three followed on pretty rapidly from Case #2, and involved some stolen files.  Ferret’s Files, actually, although that title is nowhere near formal enough, given there’s only the one set and the one of me.  Anyway, I’m not a party pooper. Purchase the Ferret Files and read all about how a drunken night out led to an outrageous theft and the outing of a decades old government conspiracy.


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