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The virtual home of FERRET London's Premier Detecting Consultant
The virtual home of FERRETLondon's Premier Detecting Consultant


My father was a government scientist who was missing for most of my childhood.  We had a turbulent relationship and didn’t really get on.  On the day of my 30th birthday, we had an epic argument, which ended in a fight.  After that, I broke off all contact with him, until one day, out of the blue, I discovered he’d been killed in a random accident.  The files that he left me are the files of the title of Phillip’s novel, and the cause of much excitement, as various parties try to lay their hands on them.  They were a bunch of mouldy old files that I had no interest in, until they were stolen.  At which point, they became the most valuable thing in the world.



Sir Edward

It turns out that my father was involved in a government project back in the 1970s, and some of his old team have an interest in the contents of his files.  The ebullient Sir Edward is one such chap.  Personally, he worries me – the man isn’t right.  And he’s in possession of a psychic gift more powerful than my own.




My ex-boss from the Consultancy.  She's a vodka-drinking-cigar-smoking champ, who hates it when men get the better of her.




My current girlfriend.  Miss Harrington, or Harry as the boys like to call her, is the PA at an Old Boy Communications company, responsible for the launch of the computer game of the century - DeathWorld: Apolcalypse, aka DW:A.



Tim Tim

Confirmed Old Boy, Tom Tom’s brother and the boss of Grrr! Communications, who are responsible for coordinating the launch of DW:A, possibly the most exciting computer game ever. .




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